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Elon Musk Aims to Plant Al Chips to Human Brains

Elon Musk Aims to Plant Al Chips to Human BrainsIn a recent endeavor with his new company, NeuraLink Corp., Elon Musk aims to plant AI chips to human brains. Musk launched his artificial intelligence project in October 2014 foreseeing that AI could greatly imperil the human existence. Neuralink Corp.’s latest venture involves brain-machine interfaces and the goal is to make the most of artificial intelligence that will be beneficial to humanity. Elon Musk is working with a team of tech designers, professors and researchers from different universities, neurosurgeons with PHDs in the fields of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. UC San Francisco professor Flip Sabes and associate professor of biology at Boston University Tim Gardner are both working with Elon Musk’s team with the project. Both professors have worked on a project that has implanted brain-machine interfaces in birds.

According a report from Los Angeles Times, NueraLink aims to produce a whole-brain interface resembling that of a wizard hat that can be implanted in the brain. Musk said that the device is intended to be out in the market in four years.

As the present CEO of Neuralink, Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk explained his disposition for this latest venture of Neuralink in a recent interview with Wait But Why according to a report by CNN.
The goal of the team working on the Neuralink project is to create a mechanism which when implanted in the brain will benefit patients who suffered brain injuries through strokes, among others. This will also help those who have cancer lesions.

This merging of human minds and artificial intelligence through brain implants will help repair frailty, supplant language and use brain implants so that people could get into the world of telepathy. The team intended to finish the first part of this project by 2021.

As we all know, one need to undergo a brain surgery to get brain implants. But according to Musk, his project will be non-invasive so that people will not be anxious about it. He is also hoping that the process will be affordable and fairly accessible.

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