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Rode Microphones

Rode MicrophonesIf you wish to escalate your performance so that your audience will appreciate your talent even more, you need to use good quality microphones especially those that were built by professionals. When you talk about excellent audio equipment, Rode will always instantly come to mind. They have been in the business since 1967. Musicians and audio engineers all over the world have high regards for Rode and people in the business consider Rode mic to be the finest. If you are a performer and you want your audience to capture your musical talents whether you are inside a studio or giving your best to a wide audience onstage, Rode can help with all the audio equipment they offer including lavalier mics, shotgun condensers and even accessories such as mic mounts and boom poles.

There are things you need to consider when choosing a microphone. For one, do you need it for an upgrade to your studio or you need one that you can use for a concert? Your understanding on the difference between condenser and dynamic mics also play an important role when choosing a microphone. If it is going to be used for amplifiers and drums, go for dynamic mics because these are for high pressure work. Dynamic mics are recommended for live shows. Condenser mics on the other hand are better fit in studios because they are more sensitive and have higher frequency response. Whatever it is that you need, the wide selection of Rode microphones keep you covered.

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