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Lil Wayne Does Not Support the “Black Lives Matter” Movement

Lil Wayne Does Not Support the Black Lives Matter MovementAfter his appearance on Nightline, the Grammy hip-hop winner has been on hot seat ever since. It appears that Lil Wayne does not support the “Black Lives Matter” movement at all.

He was asked by reporter Linsey Davis on his stand regarding the “Black Lives Matter” movement and his response was “What is it? What does it mean?”

He was also asked if he feels there is connection between him and the movement, and his reply was “I don’t feel connected to a damn thing that ain’t got nothing to do with me.”

“I am a young rich black motherf–er,” he added, “if that don’t let you understand that black [bleeped] matter these days, I don’t know what it is.”

At the end of the interview, Lil Wayne said “My life matter, especially to my bitches.”

The famous rapper said he cannot relate to the “Black Lives Matter” movement and he has no understanding about their objective. He even said that whoever he is or whatever he is doing has nothing to do with the said movement.

However, everything he said on his interview on Nightline seems to be in contrast to what happened last August when at the Lil Weezyana Festival, he led the crowd to a “Black Lives Matter” chant.

In the same interview, Lil Wayne also voiced out his apprehensions regarding the police-related deaths that are being identified under the banner of the “Black Lives Matter” movement. “That just sounds weird… that you put on a name on [it],” he said. “It’s not a name, it’s not, ‘Whatever, whatever’. It’s somebody got shot by a policeman for a f***ed-up reason.”

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