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Nate Diaz Defeats Conor McGregor at UFC 196

Nate Diaz Defeats Conor McGregorThe UFC 196 was packed with great fights but it was the main event that made the huge impact to the MMA world. It was a welterweight bout (170-lbs) between the perennial contender, Nate Diaz and the current Featherweight champion, Conor “The Notorious” McGregor. Both guys rained punches and kicks on one another with McGregor gaining an upper hand in the first round with Diaz starting a bit slow. McGregor launched lots of heavy punches, aiming to knock out Diaz early in the fight. McGregor also mixed things up with spinning head kicks and push kicks. Diaz suffered a cut on his right cheek and things got a little bloody.

During the second round, both fighters continued to pick up the pace. Diaz started to land his punches on McGregor’s face, finally hitting him with a left straight on the chin which dazed the Irish champion. That was the beginning of the end for McGregor. Smelling blood from the opponent, Diaz continued to launch forward catching McGregor with more punches. Probably out of desperation, McGregor shot for a double leg take-down and Diaz caught him in a guillotine choke. McGregor scrambled and escaped from the submission but Diaz took side control and easily sliced through a full mount position, raining several shots on McGregor until the Irish fighter gave his back. Diaz slipped in his right hand for a rear-naked choke that finished the fight. Nate Diaz defeats Conor McGregor via submission, four minutes and twelve seconds into the second round.

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