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Fedor Emelianenko Returns and Faces an Undefeated Giant

Fedor Emelianenko Returns and Fought an Undefeated GiantThe “Last Emperor”, Fedor Emelianenko, made his much anticipated return to the MMA scene when he fought at a Japan-based fighting promotion, Rizin Fighting Federation, last new year’s eve. Emelianenko, once considered as the greatest fighter in mixed martial arts history, faced an undefeated Indian mixed martial artist in the name of Singh Jaideep, whose standing six feet and five inches tall. Pretty tall for an MMA fighter. Prior to the fight, Singh boasted an undefeated record, two wins and zero defeats. His two wins came via stoppages. He is also the current DEEP Megatonweight (no weight limit) champion.

As expected, Emelianenko breezed through the fight. The Russian legend used his strength, grappling skills, punching power and experience to defeat the Singh, who’s relatively new to MMA. Singh was a kickboxer prior to becoming a mixed-martial artist.

The return of Emelianenko was a victorious one. But does this win make sense at all? Critics of Emelianenko are keen about the Russian fighter’s list of opponents, stating that Fedor has faced “cans”, “has-beens” and mediocre or non-elite opponents. As for Singh, he isn’t really a relevant heavyweight fighter and he hasn’t proven much on the heavyweight scene. I believe his name didn’t really put a significant weight on Emelianenko’s fight record.

I am curious about the next opponent of Fedor. Hopefully he faces a much more relevant heavyweight that will bring out a more competitive fight that fans will surely enjoy. Let’s give this win to Fedor. This is is first fight since coming back from a three year retirement. He’ll be back in the ring for sure, and hopefully soon.

Below is the full fight video of the fight between Fedor Emelianenko and Singh Jaideep.

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