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Better Content for a Better Year of Blogging

Better Content for a Better Year of BloggingHappy new year everyone! You’ll probably notice that this seems like a different type of article as compared to the others that I’ve posted previously – Hmm, well more of compared to ALL that I have posted since the creation of this blog. You’ve pretty much seen straight-forward delivery of information, plain and simple. More like a news article. So if you are reading this, you’re in for a treat! That was just reader bait, sorry about that. But if you want to stay and read on, I would appreciate it!

As I was reflecting on my 2015 and how I was able to contribute to the blogging world for the past year, I suddenly realized that I should put more personal note on my articles. Yes, I know the topics are obviously trending new topics but then I started to wonder, what if I put some good ol’ twists to my posts? I was actually thinking of adding color to my articles by throwing in some personal insights or reaction about the topic. Or maybe pull some humor out of the topic. This will increase the authenticity of my blog as well as improve my (my blog’s?) relationship to the readers.

I am not a good writer. I don’t spill out flashy words and phrases that will blow you away. But I know how to write and I am capable of expressing what is inside of my brain about specific topics. I can spill out some golden and life changing ideas too! Kidding aside, being a mediocre writer doesn’t limit me from making a quality, authentic and sincere content right?

So without further ado, let me begin 2016 by writing good content for you guys. Catch you again soon!

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