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Kim Kardashian Returns After Giving Birth To Saint West

Kim Kardashian Returns After Giving Birth To Saint WestThrough a live stream that airs both on her personal website and her app, Kim Kardashian returns after giving birth to Saint West. As she fills her fans on what’s the latest about her, Kim was donning in cute braids that perfectly matches her glowing skin.

Even though she has always been in the loop and giving her followers on her day to day activities at home, Kim has always been very careful in keeping her face off the screen until Thursday night. Kim talked to her fans on what are the happenings now in her life now that they have another bundle of joy and how she loves to spend time with the family.

“My boobs look enormous, which they are… I have just been chilling at home with the baby and being cozy in robes… I decided to put makeup on… I have been loving life, just staying home and not going anywhere,” Kim said.

Kim also said that she kept herself busy at home listening to the “crazy” good upcoming album of husband Kanye. She also said that the usual glam-squad ordeal that she go through every single day will have to take the back seat for a while. For the meantime, the braids will have to stay and she will also shun using products in the coming months and let her hair grow out.

During the live streaming, Kim got a Twitter question regarding her favorite beverage. She said that like most people, she sometimes love to indulge on Starbucks’ White Chocolate Mocha topped with whipped cream. But she pointed out that during the holiday season, she would go for the classic soy latte or hot cider.

Kim hinted her viewers that she intend to track and live stream her journey to losing weight even if it would take her to be up at 5:30 in the morning while the kids are still asleep just to do her workout.

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