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ISIL Terrorism in Beirut, Lebanon

ISIL Terrorism in Beirut, LebanonFriday, a day after the terrorist attacks in southern Beirut was declared a national day of mourning. The bombings were considered one of the worst attacks in Lebanon over the years. It took at least 43 lives and injured more than two hundred people. The area where the blasts happened was primarily a Shia area. The ISIL or the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant has declared that they were responsible for the terrorist attacks.

A survivor at the scene named Fouad Khaddam said “They targeted this place because they don’t have any other way to fight us. They have run out of options … They targeted this area because we are Shia. But let me be clear: We won’t be fazed.”

A statement believed to have been posted by ISIL said, “Soldiers of the Caliphate” were responsible for the attack. This statement was published just hours after the bombings on Thursday.

A body of one of the suicide bombers was retrieved by the health ministry and the Lebanese army in the area where the bombings occurred.

The Burj el-Barajneh area, located off a main highway leading to Beirut’s airport was the actual place of the blasts. Burj el-Barajneh is a residential and commercial area. The terror attacks left a wide-ranging damage in the area. The time of the bombings happened after work, at a time when there are many families gathered in the area.

The day after the bombings, an emergency meeting was lead by Lebanon’s Prime Minister together with his ministers and military chiefs. The day, Friday, was declared a day of mourning by the whole country.

Lebanese Minister of Education Elias Bou Saab reported that a suicide bomber was in front of a gate of a school. According to a witness, the two bombings were only minutes apart.

Incidentally, these terrorist attacks happened just when Hezbollah has expanded its participation in the Syrian civil war.

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