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Lenin Monument in Ukraine Becomes a Darth Vader Statue

Lenin Monument in Ukraine Becomes a Darth Vader StatueBecause of a law that requires to eradicate Communist Party symbols, a Lenin monument in Ukraine becomes a Darth Vader statue. Since the statue of Vladimir Lenin who was a Bolshevik revolutionary was supposed to be demolished anyway as a prerequisite to the law, Odessa City kept the monument and just decided to make a major transformation. Odessa, being a Black Sea port city is popular for its cultural diversity. The city is also notorious for its frivolous sense of humor. On Friday, local news portal reported that Darth Vader took over the Lenin monument. According to the report, “The first monument on planet Earth to the Sith Lord, the supreme commander of the Imperial Fleet, Darth Vader, has appeared in Odessa.”

The Darth Vader statue is a masterpiece of Odessa’s famous sculptor Alexander Milov. Dart Vader stood in the same pose as Lenin in Soviet-era monuments. The left arm is still bended with the hand clenched into a fist. What used to be the head of Vladimir Lenin is now the iconic helmet of Dart Vader. Milov made the overcoat of Lenin longer so that it becomes the cape of Dart Vader.

The monument now also serves as a decoration in the yard of a local plant Pressmash. The employees of Pressmash together with the residents of buildings and worker’s dormitory within the area have requested the transformation of the original Lenin statue. The new Darth Vader sculptor is equipped with a useful technological feature. Planted within the head of the famed “Star Wars” villain is a wireless router making the Sith Lord’s helmet a Wi-Fi hotspot. Passersby can take advantage using the wireless Internet provided by the statue. Incidentally, the “Love” art installation that can be seen at the Burning Man festival happening this summer in Nevada, USA is also designed by Ukrainian artist Aleksander Milov.

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