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USA Eliminated from U-17 World Cup After Loss to Chile

USA Eliminated from U-17 World Cup After Loss to ChileChile won over USA in Friday night’s game of the U-17 World Cup in Vina del Mar. USA, eliminated from U-17 World Cup after loss to Chile, scored only 1 against 4 from this year’s host nation Chile. It was a great start for team USA 10 minutes into the game. After a poor clearing attempt at the top of the box, Brandon Vazquez came back and overpowered Chile’s defense all the way past the goalkeeper for a 1-0 lead to his team. However, that was the only 10 minutes of the game that USA was able to enjoy the lead. The team had been failing to clear the lines afterwards prompting Marcelo Allende to take advantage of the circumstances and took the shot from just inside the 18-yard box that veered off past the goal defense of Will Pulisic to tie the game.

The first half was pretty much a back and forth match with both teams taking all the chances to set an attack play despite putting at risk their defensive side. Both teams were not able to pull off anymore score up until the end of the first half.

Six minutes into the second half, Chile made it to the front foot and took the lead. The ball cut through the back line defense of team USA. At first, Pulisic let down Gabriel Mazuela’s played in on goal but the Chilean attacker was able to tap-in the loose ball from Pulisic’s grasp easily giving him the chance to deliver a lead for his team. Then to make the final margin more convincing, Camilo Moya gave the home side one more shot in the box for the final tally 4-1.

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