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Woman Arrested for Pellet Gun Shooting in Pepper Tree Elementary School

Woman Arrested for Pellet Gun Shooting in Pepper Tree Elementary SchoolA woman who is a suspect in a shooting incident at the Pepper Tree Elementary School was arrested Friday afternoon by police authorities. Officials said that about 4pm, they received a call from Pepper Tree Elementary School at 1045 W. 18th St. about a shooting incident. Unfortunately, the shooter was no longer in sight when they reached to school and they have to prioritize the needs of the victim. It was confirmed that the shooter used some kind of an air gun that uses pellets instead of gunpowder-filled cartridges. Before 5 p.m. the suspect was found and police said that she pointed the gun onto herself and pulled the trigger. According to Sgt. Marcelo Blanco of the Upland Police Department, both the victim and the shooter survived and just have to recover from the wounds they have resulting from the shooting. Both are also said to be out of danger. According to police reports, the woman arrested for pellet gun shooting in Pepper Tree Elementary School is Amy Schaefer, 41 years old from Claremont and an in-law of the victim who works at Pepper Tree Elementary School as a school aide.

After the incident, parents rushed to the school almost instantly to pick up the kids. There were children preset in school for an after-school event and witnessed the shooting. Good thing no one was harmed physically and the school district officials were ready to provide counselors for the students to help them cope with the trauma brought by the incident.

The victim and even the suspect are both in stable condition and are now recuperating at the San Antonio Regional Hospital.

Additional reports indicate that although it was not clear as to what caused the shooting, it could have been triggered by a family dispute. Because of this, authorities are still investigating the relationship between the two women.

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