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Blood & Oil TV Series Premier

Blood & Oil TV Series PremierLast Sunday on ABC, everyone witnessed the Blood & Oil TV series premier. This is a joint masterpiece of Josh Pate and Rodes Fishburne, a co-executive producer of TNT’s “Legends,” and a writer who has not worked in any television project respectively.

The story happened during the flourishing time of oil in the Bakken shale formation of North Dakota. Don Johnson plays the role of Hap Briggs, a ruthless oil baron; Scott Michael Foster as Wick, the bad boy son of Baron Briggs; Chace Crawford as Billy, an entrepreneur trusted by Hap; and Rebecca Rittenhouse as Cody, the beautiful wife of Billy. ‘90s supermodel Amber Valletta plays the social-climbing wife of Baron Hap, while Delroy Lindo plays as a local law enforcer. The last TV project of Don Johnson was “From Dusk Till Dawn” where he played a sheriff. Fans will love “Blood & Oil” as Johnson’s welcome return to network television. The last series of Chase Crawford was the “Gossip Girl” which was last aired in 2012.

Blood & Oil is the “Dallas” of today’s generation. The aroma of oil is so powerful and so is the Wild West boomtown culture. Lead stars Chace Crawford and Rebecca Rittenhouse do have a chemistry but that’s all there is and in terms of acting, nothing great can be said about them. As a supporting pretty boy in Gossip Girl, Crawford has definitely served better. The cliffhanger ending of Blood & Oil gives viewers the reason to tune in back and find out what happens next.

The Blood & Oil TV Series Premier was somehow a success. Critics say it is not a good show but Blood & Oil takes itself very seriously which makes it fun to watch. The plot seems like a mess but the struggle to entertain is definitely there. Deceit, sex-indulging scenes, and outbursts are expected from the show. And it is quite evident that there will be yielding conspiracy for viewers who would want to watch this type of series.

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