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A Perfect Free Flowing Intersection Traffic – Is this Real?

Busy intersections with no stoplight are always prone to accidents. Cars will be coming from virtually all directions. Pedestrians will be marching from end to end. Bikers will be riding their way across without warning.

In the following video, you’ll witness a flawless free flowing intersection with a bunch of cars, pedestrians and bikers passing from one side to another. No one is literally stopping to give way to intersecting travellers. Everyone is on the move and the flow of traffic is perfectly timed, such that no one hits another guy.

Do you think this is a real worl scenario? If yes, where can this place be? If not, this is one hell of a masterpiece show. Or probably some plain camera trick would do the job. Watch and see for yourself!

A Perfect Free Flowing Intersection Traffic – Is this Real?

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